Technical snag affects train services on Central Railway today morning

Mumbai: Train services on the Central Railway went for a toss Wednesday morning after a technical snag in a Kalyan-Dadar local train.

The problem occurred near Diva and Mumbra stations at around 7.15 am.

Officials said that it was a minor technical snag that was rectified by 8.15 am. However, during this period and soon after, train services on the slow line were running late in the morning peak hour.

The CR authorities had to operate special trains to recover the lost time.

Moreover, at around 11.20 am smoke was emitting out of the motor coach of a Siemens rake while it was standing on platform 5 of Dadar station.

Smoke emitting out of the motor coach of a Siemens rake at Dadar station

Crowd could be seen at the platform premises as anxious people got down from the trains.

This, however, only made matters a bit worse for the commuters, who were already battling the delayed morning hour trains.

Presently, the train services are expected to become normal, as the number of trains running comes down during non-peak hours.

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