Two years ago, when we first offered our list of Ramadan apps, we were in a fix; rightly so, because there weren’t many options. And those that were available, didn’t seem promising. But thanks to several new developers in the fray, sourcing information on Ramadan, whether it’s about the sehri or iftaar timings, to prayers, has become easier. Even the apps we mentioned last time have added several new features. Check them out:

Athan Pro -- Android
Our search for the best automated Ramadan app ends at Athan Pro. Just add your location and the app will do everything else. It will set up alarm for the daily prayers, sehri and iftaar timings, adjust those timings based on the nearest Islamic school, as well as offer daily Hadith and more.

Quran -- Android
Read the Holy Quran on your smartphone using the Quran app on your Android phone. Offered by, it comes with recitals from 18 reciters as well as translation in 10 languages including English and Urdu. It also allows you to bookmark and tag verses. The app comes with 15-line Naskh and Madani images, and supports a Qaloon version too.

Muslim Pro -- iOs, Android
One of our all-time favourite, Muslim Pro tops the list for its bouquet of features. From finding direction towards the Qibla to full recitals of Quran, alarm clock as well as the option to calculate prayer timings as per the different methods followed across the world, this is a must-have app during Ramadan. Requires in-app purchases, though.

Ramadan Legacy -- iOs, Android
The app is all about introducing its users to the month of Ramadan in an interactive 30-day planner along with blogs and videos. The app allows one to record their activities during Ramadan — the number of days you fast, the prayers you perform, taraweeh, etc, as well as serve as a reminder to perform acts of charity during the holy month of Ramadan. There’s also a section where you can ask questions and participate in live debates on various topics related to Ramadan with scholars from around the world. No option to set alarms, though.

Also try: iQuran and iQuran Lite for iOS