Technology: Twitter Dashboard launched for small business apps

Jun 29, 2016, 15:45 IST |

Micro-blogging website Twitter launches "Twitter Dashboard" -- an app to streamline engagement for business accounts. This is in order to help business owners connect with their users.

Twitter Dashboard

The feed takes into account what type of business you are running, then combines mentions and keyword searches to find people talking about your brand, even if they do not tag your handle directly, the report from a popular tech website said.

The report further stated that, "Available on web and iOS version, Dashboard includes features that have popped up in other Twitter products in the past. In both versions, Twitter guides you through a quick process to create a custom "About You" feed tailored to show tweets about your company or business."

On Tuesday, Twitter added a new feature that would let a user add virtual stickers to photos by just searching them like hashtags.

As per the #stickers feature, Twitter users can browse Twitter's rotating sets of stickers to join in on real-time conversations, and select from the library of hundreds of accessories, emojis, and props to make their photos more fun. They can use them to share what they're doing or how they're feeling, to show support for a cause, or to just add some flair. Multiple stickers can be utilised on a photo, which can be resized, rotated, and placed anywhere on the picture. (Read more)

Last week, the social networking website unveiled a new self-retweeting feature, which will enable Twitter users to retweet or quote themselves with just a few taps. (Read more)

Last month, another upcoming Twitter feature was announced, in which photos and links will not be counted against the 140-character limit, thus enabling users to post longer tweets.

Twitter launched a "Connect" tab in early May, to help users figure out which relevant accounts you would like to follow. The "Connect" tab will also make it easier to connect with your friends and family by giving you the option to automatically sync your address book. (Read more)
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