Tejas Express departs 3 hours late from Goa, reaches Mumbai a minute early
Tejas Express. Pic courtesy/Suresh Prabhu Twitter account

The newly launched luxurious Tejas Express made its first journey from Goa under the new monsoon timetable. The luxury train that usually leaves Goa at 7:30 am, left at 10:30 am on Sunday, after a three-hour delay. However, passengers on board the Tejas Express were surprised and elated to reach Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus a minute before its scheduled time.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Tejas Express departed from Goa's Karmali Station at 10.30 am on Sunday. The train, which is capable of running at a speed of 200 kmph, covered a distance of 750 km to reach Mumbai at 7.44 pm on Sunday.

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LK Verma, chief spokesperson of Konkan Railway, was quoted as saying in the website, "An empty coach from Mumbai arrived late, delaying the train's departure. The changed timetable led to the delay. This train is always on time otherwise."

Initially, Tejas reached Kudal 2 hours and 17 minutes late and then reached Ratnagiri an hour late. However, it managed to make up the delay and therefore was only 14 minutes late in reaching Panvel.

During monsoon, Tejas will run thrice a week from Mumbai and return from Goa the next day. Also, during the monsoons, the train is expected to cover the distance between Mumbai and Goa in 12- 15 hours, instead of the usual 8 hours 30 minutes.