7 telltale signs of cheating spouses

Patrick Schneemann uses sophisticated surveillance equipment and other tools to gather evidence of infidelity.

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According to him, the first sign to look for is weather your spouse is overly protective of a cell phone.

“They may password protect it. They may never let it (away from) their side. At nighttime they sleep with it. You know? That’s a big sign,” a major news channel quoted him as saying.

Next in line is if your spouse frequently deletes text messages from his or her cell phone or is losing weight and working out more at the gym.

This is followed by claiming to be working long hours and spending large sums of money — more than he or she used to in the past.

The last two sings include smelling like perfume and something just doesn’t feel right.

“Trust your gut. Trust how you feel,” Schneemann said.

“Married couples are close…you’re intimately close. You know each other. And (you) know when something’s not right, when something’s off in that relationship,” he added.

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