Tena Desae finds kissing scenes dramatic

"I can't disclose about the scene right now. I had to understand how important it was for the film... it would not look as if the scene was incorporated just for the attention. I know it sounds cliche," Tena told.

Tena Desae

"I hate doing kissing scenes. It's very dramatic. I feel very uncomfortable and awkward doing these scenes. I believe it's all in my head. I was in no position to argue with my director (Aditya Datt)," she said.

Besides kissing scene, Tena will be seen in a bikini in the film and said: "I am blessed with good metabolism. I don't easily gain weight. So I was comfortable wearing bikini as I have worn it before for Kingfisher calendars."

'Table No. 21' is about a couple who lives a mediocre life and are thrilled to have won an exotic vacation in Fiji. Their excitement heightens when they get a chance to play Tell all truth game for mind-boggling prize money. As soon as the game begins, they discover that it's a game of survival.

Sunil Lulla and Viki Rajani have produced 'Table No 21' that also features Paresh Rawal.

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