Tennis teen sensation Nick Kyrgios flirts with Victoria Azarenka

Australian tennis ace asks Victoria to take private lessons from him to learn big serves

Australian teenage tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios may miss out on the next couple of tournaments due to injury, but he hasn't missed out on the opportunity to flirt with a fellow tennis star.

Nick Kyrgios and Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka (Pic/Getty Images)
Nick Kyrgios and Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka (Pic/Getty Images) 

Nineteen-year-old Australian Open quarter-finalist Kyrgios was at his flirtatious best with Victoria Azarenka only a few days after the year's first Grand Slam.

Recently, when the Aussie tennis ace invited his fans to ask interact with him on Twitter, 25-year-old Belarusian Azarenka posed her query. "How can I learn to serve as big as you," Azarenka asked the big-serving Aussie.

To this, Kyrgios shot back: "Private lessons of course." Not one to back down, Azarenka played on. "Okay, I'll book one," she said.

Sexy accent
The interaction continued with Azarenka saying: "That Aussie accent is just sexy." "That Belarusian accent is just as sexy," replied the Australian who added: "you're cute, mate."

Interestingly, Azarenka has newly turned single, having split from boyfriend and X-Factor judge Redfoo only four months ago.

Seeing the above interaction one fan decided to give the couple a title — Nickarenka, and even offered to pay for their dinner date.

"You guys should go out in a date. I'll pay the dinner," wrote the fan.



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