New Delhi: The teenaged Sports Authority of India (SAI) athlete, who tried to commit suicide on Wednesday, expressed regret at his conduct, revealing that he was "mentally tensed" which compelled him to attempt taking his own life.

Kerala's 18-year-old Nithin U, who won bronze in 2014 Youth National Championship, tried to commit suicide early on Wednesday at a SAI hostel in Thiruvananthapuram by slashing his wrist. He was taken to hospital from where he slipped away, police said.

Deep regret
"Nithin has given a written statement stating that he felt mentally tense thinking about upcoming competitions and hurt his wrist when he banged it against a broken glass window pane," a SAI release said yesterday.

"He expressed deep regret for having caused inconvenience and embarrassment to his coach (NV Nishad Kumar) and others and stated that he did not do so deliberately."

SAI added an enquiry committee has been formed to look into the matter. "An internal committee has been constituted for enquiring into the matter and submitting a report," it said.

According to the police, the doctors at the state-run Medical College hospital, after putting three stitches, referred the athlete to the psychiatry wing for counselling.