U; Comedy
Dir: Deepa Sahi
Cast: Jagrat Desai, Sasha Goradia, Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen
Rating: *1/2

In the very beginning of this film -- a debut venture by actress-turned-director Deepa Sahi -- a young boy of about 14 spouts a worldly-wise dialogue, something to the effect of how making love is a rubbish term and what a couple actually wants is sex. I just wish we were more sensitive about not only the kind of messages we send out to our young kids via films, but also about what we make them speak on screen.

To its credit, the film has a novel story of a couple who have all the right romantic notions before marriage, but start fighting soon after they discover each other's shortcomings. So without wasting more reel time, they decide to divorce each other while on their honeymoon. Besides this storyline, however, everything else falls flat. The first culprits are the lead actors, Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia. While Jagrat is plain wooden, Sasha is irritating as well.

Even as the couple fights with each other, the plane in which they are travelling is taken back to its original destination because the sole airhostess on the plane and the two captains freak out! This can only happen in a bad Hindi film.

Vinay Pathak as the love-struck, happy-go-lucky person could have been the saving grace, but too much is dependent on him. Riya Sen plays a Himalayan rustic beauty, but acts like she has just landed from some foreign shore with an accent that is incomprehensible.

There are certain scenes (very few, I must add) that get you interested in the couple's lives, but after a point you wouldn't care less. Better actors and perhaps a little more experienced director may have worked for this script. Hopefully, next time Sahi takes a few tips from her husband Ketan Mehta, one of the finest directors in our midst.

A predictable ending and an unwittingly hilarious climax do the rest of the damage.