Terrorist complains about not being allowed to use Skype within jail premises

Jan 04, 2012, 08:31 IST | ANI
Bangladeshi terrorist Rajib Karim has filed an official complaint for not being able to use Skype so that he can make low cost calls to contact his family within the jail premise. 

He has also claimed that the prison payphone is very costly and he should be allowed to use Skype to get in touch with his family and friends. Karim, who was a computer expert with British Airways, was jailed last March for planning to launch a 9/11-style terror attack from the UK with the assistance of former Al Qaeda warlord Anwar al-Awlaki. The officials at maximum security HMP Frankland in Durham banned the move saying it would be a risky affair since. 

"The international call rates cost a lot using the prison PIN system and the Skype option looked like a perfect solution. The best part was that it was legal and no breach of prison rules as the call was made to a direct number and was not being redirected," said Karim to the Inside Time, a newspaper for prisoners. 

"But when I recently tried making my first call I was told by staff here at HMP Frankland that I am not allowed to make any calls through Skype," he added. Karim''s complaint has now been passed on to the National Offender Management Service. 

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