Test your scare factor

The Monsters University is in session, and it’s time to prove if you got what it needs to be scary. Test the scare level in you with two games built in one single app, Monsters University. While in one game, called Catch Archie, you help Mike catch the Scare Pig, the mascot of Monsters University’s rival school, Fear Tech by tiring him out, the second game, Toxicity Challenge, is a scare competition, which requires one to test their agility skills as they make their way through sewers. You can either play Scully, Mike or Squishy.¬†Available at Google Play and iTunes store
Price: Rs 58.12

ASUS brings Transformer Book for 92K
This is one machine that would make everyone drool. Combining the flexibility of a tablet and the superb performance of an ASUS laptop, the company recently launched the Transformer Book TX300CA, a Windows laptop with a detachable 13.3-inch HD touch screen. The touch screen offers 128GB SSD storage (there’s an extra 500GB Hard disk space on the screen dock). Powered by Intel 3rd generation i5, the Transformer is worth a look, especially for those who’ve got the moolah for it. Sadly, though it packs a meek Intel HD graphics card, it’s priced very high at Rs 91,999.

Game of strategy
Create immense kingdoms and conquer other players. For those who loved the Age of Empires, now, you get to build your own empire on your smartphone too. The Age of Warring Empires, created by Silent Ocean, is available on both Android as well as iOS platform. The mobile game comes with integrated 3D graphics, combat game play, a player vs. player mode and various other upgrades, very similar to the Microsoft Age of Empires. So, play your way to become the most renowned leader the world has ever seen.
Available at: Google Play and iTunes store
Price: Free 

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