Carlos Tevez has been deprived of an incredible 9.3 million pounds in earnings due to his ongoing feud with Manchester City football club.

A Manchester City statement revealed that the Argentinean striker has been found culpable of gross transgression since returning to Argentina two months ago. City has accused Tevez of serious violation of his contract with the club on various occasions, The Telegraph reports.

Tevez has been missing from the City first-team squad since September and was punished with six weeks' wages i.e. 1.2 million pounds on December 22 after he flew down to Buenos Aires without taking due permission from the club on November 7.

"The club can confirm that Carlos T �vez was found guilty by a disciplinary hearing on Dec 21 of gross misconduct for serious breaches of contract and was fined six weeks' wages," said an official Manchester City statement.

The statement also revealed that Tevez had appealed against the fine, but a panel, which consisted of club directors, rejected it.

However, he can still appeal against the fine imposed on him to the Premier League.

"Carlos elected to appeal the finding, which was dismissed by an appeal panel made up of club directors. He has until Jan 30 to make a final appeal to the Premier League," the statement added.

Tevez has twice stated in public his firm desire to leave the club since December 2010.

A week before City's Champion League clash with Bayern Munich, City chose to inform him that his actions had led to him relinquishing loyalty bonuses of around 6 million pounds.