Tevez trains in City exile

Oct 14, 2011, 13:11 IST | AFP

Controversial striker Carlos Tevez returned to Manchester City after his two-week suspension on Thursday, and was made to train alone.

Manager Roberto Mancini, who claimed the player refused to come on as a substitute during City's 2-0 Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich, had the 27-year-old work in a different part of the Carrington complex after reporting for duty an hour after the rest of the first team squad had started their session.

Tevez, who is to face a disciplinary hearing at the club, arrived in a black Hummer vehicle and was met by two of the club's security staff when he had parked up before heading off for a fitness session.

Despite his fall-out with Mancini, who has said that the player will never appear for City again, the little Argentine still has his fans, including Sam Allardyce, the boss of second-tier West Ham where Tevez played in 2006-07.

"The answer is I don't know," said Allardyce, when asked about the prospect of signing the South American on loan.

"I suppose the situation, from my point of view, is just if and when the decision is finally made regarding what's happening with Carlos at Manchester City, then perhaps my co-chairman David Sullivan might want to pursue it.

"That would be with my blessing, obviously. Sullivan was the man who talked about it with me first and if we could get him back here, based on what he did here last time and if he did love the club as much as he did, and if it was a possibility, then I think it's an outside chance.

"We'll wait and see."

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