Text for help: Rakesh Maria launches new SMS service for women in distress

Top cop says SMS will help police trace the offending vehicle. Also promises to bar taxi and auto drivers from six railway stations

Top cop Rakesh Maria lived up to his promise of making women’s safety his top priority when he chose International Women’s Day to announce the launch of a special SMS service that will help the police rush to the rescue of women in distress.

Mumbai’s police chief, Rakesh Maria, said the helpline has been launched in the wake of the Esther Anuhya incident

A woman travelling alone on any public transport in Mumbai can now send a text message on 9969777888, mentioning the number plate, the registration number or the route number of the vehicle she is travelling in — if she wants the cops to intervene immediately.

Speaking to reporters Mumbai’s commissioner of police, Rakesh Maria said, “We have launched this in the wake of the Esther Anuhya incident, where we could not initially confirm whether she had arrived at the station and what mode of transport she had travelled in. Now, if any woman feels that she might be harmed by a taxi or auto driver then she can message the mode of transport and the vehicle’s number, which will enable us to trace the vehicle.”

According to Maria, the decision was taken by the city police and the state home department officials with Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) roped in as the network partner. “After we get a message, we will be able to access the name of the user, her current location, her alternate number and her residential address along with the owner of the suspicious vehicle, and all its records. We have also asked the RTO authorities to ensure that all public vehicles are told to display their numbers on the dash board, so that one can note down the numbers easily,” he said.

Drivers barred from railway premises
Maria added that his force and the railway police will make sure that taxi, auto drivers don’t enter major railway stations. “We are planning to install two desks on both the ends of the station, to prevent drivers from entering the Mumbai CST, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Kurla and Borivili stations,” he added.

>> Women feeling unsafe in cab or auto should SMS the vehicle number
>> The new emergency number is 9969777888
>> RTOs told to ensure all vehicles display the number on their dashboard



  • advocate preeti sawant24-Aug-2015

    Mrs kavita gaikwad investigating police officers puts a false allegation on me that I wear shorts and roam around. When the entire society knows that those girls are involved in sex trafficking and have cheated many innocent people for lakhs of rupees. Still this officer tells me that they come from good family. this officer bangs her mobile phone on the floor and threatens me and said let me see how u send text messages to follow up with your FIR.

  • Alice09-Mar-2014

    Can this no be made toll free ?

  • Nadim dalvi09-Mar-2014

    Grt initiative from mumbai police commusioner Mr Rakesh Maria one sugestion along with the vehicle number even they the cell number for sms to be mentioned on the dash board with a notice womens feeling unsafe with the driver pls sma to thos number

  • Mercy09-Mar-2014

    Good job!!

  • Mohamed Mufiz25-Mar-2014

    This is a junk Idea, not a realistic one. Lets say the driver has a fake number plate, then what? Police will be chasing a wild goose!!! First make the police force corrupt free, there will be no need of all this gimmicks. A criminal should be afraid of the police, but here in India, the police and criminals are hand in glove. A criminal is more closer to the police then the victim. Agree or Not this is the TRUTH!!!

  • advocate preeti sawant24-Aug-2015

    The police officer at thane nagar police station have actually humiliated me and made a mockery of me when i wanted to lodge a FIR against this racket who are involved into sex trafficking. It's almost 11 months they have not lodged my FIR. the ill treatment that I have got from this police station is really disgusting and pathetic. Being a female advocate I have treated so badly, how would they treat a lay woman.

  • advocate preeti sawant24-Aug-2015

    I was trying to get contact number of rakesh maria sir to lodge my complaint. i happened to see this and I thought of leaving a message. Though I am an advocate by profession, I had a very dirty and bad experience at thane nagar police station west. I had gone to this police station to lodge a FIR against an racket who under the pretext of fake astrology have cheated many innocent people for lakhs of rupees. They are aghoris and do bengali tantrik vidya and drag woman into prostitution.

  • Manjunath11-Dec-2014

    Is it be useful for other states and cities..................... Or its just for Mumbai..

  • Harshad Valanju11-Mar-2014

    Its shame on us that we have to launch programmes like this , please be human and Sir Rakesh Maria thanks for the initiative steps

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