While the BJP is celebrating its victory in the polls, thousands of votes were polled for the ‘None of The Above’ option in the constituencies of the city and its surrounding satellite cities.

On an average, more than 8,000 votes went to the NOTA in all constituencies six in Mumbai city, and Thane, Bhiwandi and Kalyan. In some constituencies, these votes made a dent to other aspiring candidates.

For example, in Mumbai North West, AAP’s Mayank Gandhi had 51,860 votes, and Mahesh Manjrekar from MNS had 66,088. Here, 11,009 votes went to NOTA.

In Thane, where Shiv Sena’s Rajan Vichare won with over 5.95 lakh votes, MNS’ Abhijit Panse and AAP’s Sanjeev Sane were 7,328 votes apart at third and fourth place respectively.

However, an astonishing 13,174 votes were polled for NOTA. Mumbai North Central registered the lowest NOTA votes at 6,937 (see box for all data).