Around 20 people, including four women and nine children, were admitted to the Ulhasnagar civic hospital on Monday after a stray dog bit them. The stray dog attacked the 20 people walking on different roads and footpath in the Ulhasnagar.

Two of the victims, Khushi Jaiswal (3) and Suman More (29), were bit on the face
Two of the victims, Khushi Jaiswal (3) and Suman More (29), were bit on the face

The spate of biting started on Monday afternoon and continued till the evening. The canine attacked 20 people, including seven men, four women, two boys and seven girls.

Dr Jhanardhan Nimbore, Additional Civil Surgeon, central hospital Ulhasnagar said, “On Monday, since 2 pm, patients with dog bites started coming in the casualty ward; this continued till 8 pm. Around 20 such patients were reported. They suffered dog bites at different parts of the body including face, chest and leg.”

Most of the patients are Ulhasnagar residents, who were walking on the street or the footpath when they were attacked by the stray. “We gave anti-rabies serum to all the patients, so that the poison doesn’t spread.
After treatment, around 18 people were discharged on Monday night itself. They have been asked to come for further dosage after three days. They will later take subsequent shots after a week, 14 days, a month and three months,” added Nimbore.

Dog bites on the face
Khushi Jaiswal (3) and Suman More (29) suffered severe injuries and have been admitted in the civic hospital.

“Most of them have been discharged; these two patients are here since they suffered dog bites on their face. If the dog bite is on the face or chest, chances of the poison spreading into the rest of the body are high. In such cases, we clean the bitten parts and give an anti-rabies injection in the adjoining area. We will do our best to treat them,” Nimbore said. Ulhasnagar residents are now scared to leave their kids alone and are not even allowing them go down stairs to play.

Navneet Barhate, a social activist from Ulhasnagar, said, “People are scared because the dog has created a menace. The authorities are least bothered to catch the stray dog that has bitten so many people. They will wake up only after someone loses their life in such a case. The dog bite has become a serious issue and due to rabies, people are reported dead. A month ago, a 10-year-old died after a dog bit him. The authorities need to take some serious steps about the stray dogs harming the residents.”