A 35-year-old woman was caught in local train at Dombivli railway station, while removing cash from the handbag of a female commuter. The Dombivli Government Railway police (GRP) have registered a case and arrested the accused woman.

A woman police constable traveling in the local caught the accused in the train. In fact, with intention to flee from the incident the accused attempted to bite the constable who had recovered cash of more than Rs 1,000 from the lady thief.

The arrested accused is identified as Surekha Chandrakant Masane, a resident of Karjat. The complainant Rasika Prashant Ambavane 34, is a resident of Badlapur and a house wife by profession. Ambavane was traveling from Badlapur to Dombivli for some work on Wednesday evening when the incident took place.

Kauser Ayaz Mulla, a woman police constable based with Child Protection Unit of Thane crime branch was traveling from Badlapur to Thane. "I was on-duty and after finishing my officials work in Badlapur was returning back home. The incident took place in the general ladies compartment. The complainant was getting down from the local at Dombivli railway station. The accused slowly tried to open the chain of the purse (hand bag) and took the cash from the purse. The complainant doubted some foul play and after getting suspicious they both entered into heated argument over the robbery," added Mulla.

Mulla who was nearby intervened and asked Surekha to show the bag, which she flatly refused. “Knowing that she would be caught, Surekha bit my right hand,” Mulla said, adding, “The thief was handed over to the Dombivli GRP and during the inquiry cash of Rs 1,000 cash that was robbed from the women was recovered. Apart from this the police even recovered Rs 2,000 more which the culprit allegedly might had flicked from other commuters’ pocket or bag.”

The Dombivli Government Railway Police have registered a case under section 379 of the Indian Penal Code. The police are also checking whether she has a past record. "We have found fake gold ornaments from the thief. Further investigations are on. It is only after a detailed probe that we will come to know whether the lady is a professional thief and part of any gang,” said Datta Pabale, Senior Police Inspector, Dombivli GRP.