Snowfall coupled with cold winds aggravated weather conditions in parts of north India yesterday. This sudden chill in the north led to the minimum temperature plunging in the city. The temperature dipped to 14 Celsius yesterday and weather officials predict a further dip in the temperature.

Over the past few weeks, the minimum temperature in the city has oscillated in the range of 11.4 Celsius to 21 Celsius that was recorded on January 1. Moreover, the maximum temperature recorded on January 1 was 31 C.

Chilly winds: Officials say the northern winds has caused the dip in
temperatures in the city

"The sudden dip in temperature in northern states has once again brought cold winds to Mumbai. Cold air movements in Jammu and Kashmir have led to a dip in temperature in Western states including Mumbai," said Ajay Sharma, director IMD (Western region).

Sharma revealed that the minimum temperature recorded in the city yesterday has gone two degrees below the normal temperature and is further expected to dip by 1 C. "This is a normal phenomenon, whenever the temperature in the north dips, the temperatures of the western region are affected," added Sharma.

The 11.4 Celsius temperature the city witnessed on December 27 is the second all-time lowest minimum temperature recorded.

In the December of 1949, Santa Cruz logged 10.6 C.  "The temperature will further dip in Mumbai by one degree bringing the temperature to 13 C," forecasted Sharma.

On Sunday, the minimum temperature recorded in Santacruz was 14 Celsius whereas maximum temperature recorded was 30 Celsius.

Similarly, Colaba's minimum temperature recorded was 17.4 Celsius whereas maximum temperature was 28.2 Celsius.