That shoe on the other foot

So, Julian Assange got a taste of his own medicine. The Wikileaks founder accused a publisher of breach of contract for releasing drafts of his autobiography without his approval. This prompted a certain Dan Murphy to tweet: 'Apparently, Assange has decided information doesn't want to be free after all.'

According to Jason Arnopp, 'Henceforth, when you look up 'irony' in the dictionary, Assange will pop up whining about unapproved versions of his memoir.' And Ben Morgan asked: 'How can you tell he is angry? His face is only set to 'smug'.'

Out with the new
Facebook users woke up to a whole new interface again - a move described by someone called Justin's Army thus: 'It's just like a girl. You think you're starting to know her and she changes.' Khushboo Bhatia tweeted: 'Someone should tell Mark Zuckerberg that less is more.' Jonathan Adamczewski weighed in with: 'I was curious about the new layout, so I logged in for the first time in ages and deleted my account.' And this, from Kelly: 'I'm sorry, New Facebook. I already dumped you for Twitter. You change way too much.'

For the Almighty
For some inexplicable reason, 'God is Great' became a trending topic across much of the English-speaking world. Representative tweets included 'God loves you, not because of who you are, but because of who He is' and 'God loves you on your worst day, the same way He loves you on your best day.' Not everyone was pleased though. Like Mark Brown, for instance: 'Dear Twitter, please block this trending topic as I am a polytheist and this is offensive to my beliefs.'

The last word
Why filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt probably needs a holiday: 'We know we are born alone and will die alone, but this aloneness we live through is intolerable and so we continue to seek the 'other'.'

- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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