The art of giving

Sep 30, 2011, 10:30 IST | Surekha S

Art, colour and kids come together at sculptor Arzan Khambatta's live installation for Akanksha Foundation, as part of the Joy of Giving Week that kicks off this Sunday

Colours fell freely from a tiny hole in a bucket making unique patterns on the canvas below.

As the bucket slowly took on a circular orbit, the concentric circles it formed on the papers below was fascinating to watch. Sculptor Arzan Khambatta was giving the bucket the occasional push as the colours changed within.

Arzan Khambatta with kids from Akanksha work on the exhibit; The artwork produced by using the colours from the bucket and stencil

He is working on this art exhibit, with a little help from a bunch of kids from Akanksha Foundation, for the upcoming Joy of Giving Week that begins on October 2.
The art exhibit, which will be on display at a city mall, throughout the Joy of Giving Week is interactive, where people can participate in the creation of some brilliant

Giving is good
As part of the Joy of Giving Week, artists, writers and celebrities as well as the common man seem to have signed up to contribute in their own small way for a cause.

Artist Arzan Khambatta has collaborated with Akanksha Foundation, an NGO that has been working in the field of education for kids from underprivileged backgrounds, to raise funds for them.

Since Khambatta was working with kids, he decided that the exhibit should be interactive and fun, where the kids could choose the colours and the stencils that could be used to get different patterns on the canvas.
"The kids can then watch the paints create magic," adds the sculptor who has collaborated with Akanksha Foundation on numerous occasions in the past.
"Working with kids is fascinating I learn a lot; it's a give-and-take relationship. They do not have any inhibitions and are very excited when they look at paints and different creations. Their enthusiasm drives them," he adds, admitting that he not the best at managing kids: "Akanksha volunteers need to be around."

Bucket  This!
Khambatta wanted to design the exhibit such that every child could participate in it. At the venue, a bucket with holes at the bottom will be suspended from a large bamboo teepee. Below this structure, numerous canvases will be spread out with stenciled images, which relate to education.

You can choose the stencil and the bucket will be filled with a colour of your choice and made to rotate over the canvas. As the bucket orbits in different directions, varied designs will be formed on the canvas. You can buy the artwork for a small amount, which will go to Akanksha Foundation.

"This installation will involve the public in an activity and will allow people to take a memento home that encapsulates the Akanksha mission," says Vandana Goyal, CEO, Akanksha Foundation. "Participants can interact with Akanksha students and alumni in a lighthearted and exciting setting," she adds.

ON October 2-8, 11 am to 8 pm
AT Outside PVR Cinema, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel Entry Free

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