The art of 'outercourse' to spice up sex life (Part 1)



Whether you're seeking to abstain, practice safer sex or spice things up, the red hot sexual exchanges involved are well worth exploring.

Outercourse is the umbrella term for any kind of sex play that doesn't involve oral or traditional sex, but still manage to offer sexual gratification for lovers involved in the act.

Sex and relationships, The art of outercourse

It's ideal in minimizing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the risk of pregnancy, according to news reports.

However, the method is not completely foolproof, as it depends on how much clothing people keep on.

Outercourse allows lovemaking to last longer, and couples are given the opportunity to soak in more of what the sexual experience is about.

Partners may feel closer and more connected with each other and themselves, while for new lovers, it allows them to build trust while feeling sexually connected.

For older, experienced lovers, outercourse can hurl them back in time, helping them to reclaim the thrill of the forbidden nature of sex.

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