The best of Beti B

Jan 23, 2012, 08:33 IST | Features Team
The two-month-old Beti B is probably the youngest celebrity alive. Even though the Bachchan khandan is not giving out any information about her, the little one is managing to make headlines virtually every day. CS gives you a recap of all the fuss created around Beti B: 

>> Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao's son was born much after Beti B, but he already has a name. The Bachchan baby however, is still waiting to be christened. First the family said that they would announce her name on January 15, but the date has come and gone and all that we know is that her name is going to start with an 'A'! We could have even guessed that. 

>> Beti B already has friends in high places. First there was news of SRK visiting the young celebrity, now we're hearing of Oprah Winfrey flying thousands of miles to get a look at the baby. And that too in a sari! If rumours are to be believed, she's trying to get the baby to debut on her show.  

>> Buzz is that two premier international magazines have approached the Bachchan family with `5 crore in return of exclusive pictures of Beti B. 

>> And the latest is that she's just about to take off on her first international vacation. Abhishek and Ash want to whisk away their little girl to London, maybe. 

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