The best break-up letter ever? Woman hides boyfriend's belongings

Breaking up is so very hard to do goes the old Burt Bacharach song, yet the writer of this letter seems to have done rather a good job of compartmentalising her emotions as she writes to her lover to inform him that it’s all over.

It’s over: The woman fed up with her boyfriend’s cheating ways organised a scavenger hunt for all of his items

The woman dumped her cheating boyfriend via a classic break-up note that leads him on a scavenger hunt for his hidden belongings.

“Guess who left his Facebook open and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You!” she writes. “But don’t worry, I didn’t break anything!” The woman then tells her cheating beau that she was ‘nice enough to package’ his possessions.

“And I even invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things (like other girls!).” She tells him she’s left his clothes where they first met, his video games where they first kissed, his television where they first went ‘all the way’.

“I didn’t break or damage anything!” she writes. She signs off the letter with, ‘Happy hunting!’ The letter was posted on social networking site Imgur yesterday and has prompted many comments from readers, including, ‘I loved the restrained rage’ and ‘Anyone up for a bet that he only found the TV?’ A nation waits with baited breath to find out more about this intriguing couple and not forgetting Kelsi.

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