The best Ramzan food you will get in Mumbai

What: Kheeri Botii
Where: Nice Fast Food Centre, SV Road, Santacruz

Wow Factor: Soft, tender and juicy — when it comes to kheeri botis, no one makes them better. Nice serves a lovely Falooda too, but these yummy sheeks take the cake

What: Chhota Kabab
Where: Hindustan Restaurant, Md Ali Road

wow Factor: Great things come in small packages. If you want proof, taste these kababs on a night safari to SoBo

What: Naan Chaap
Where: La Raib Restaurant, Mohammad Ali Road

wow Factor: American burgers can take a hike. This hidden gem in busy Md Ali Road whips up the most succulent meats sandwiched between soft bread. Don’t go home before grabbing a few

What: Bara Handi Beef Curry
Where: Surti Barahandi, Bohri Mohalla

wow Factor: The Pichota and the Bara Handi here are legendary. Bohri Mohallah is a foodies paradise during the Ramzan months. Try this with plain naan. Divine!

What: Sheek Kabab
Where: Bismillah, Mohammad Ali Road

wow Factor: Add a dash of lime to these juicy kababs and you will be sold on them for life. We tried this (along with some chaap and roti) on a particularly crowded night, so we had to wait a bit for the kababs. But no wait is too long for this

What: Malpua
Where: Zam Zam, Md Ali Road

wow Factor: Thick, soft, sweet and that melting-in-your-mouth feeling — Zam Zam’s malpuas and phirnis are to die for. This sweet dish is available only during the month of Ramzan.
Run. Now!

What: Jalebis
Where: JJ Jalebiwala, near JJ Flyover, Nagpada

wow Factor: People come from as far as Borivli to taste the juicy jalebis that this jalebiwalla serves. If you have a sweet tooth, look no further

What: Falooda
Where: Yadgaar, Bandra Station Road, Bandra (W)

wow Factor: Thirsty after stuffing yourself with the kababs, and jalebis? Yadgaar’s Falooda is colourful and yummy  

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