Soon after officials in Uttar Pradesh ordered all statues of Chief Minister Mayawati and her party symbol to be covered, the issue became a trending topic. Journalist Tavleen Singh had this valid comment to make: 'Very hard to understand how veiling statues of Mayawati and her elephants will help make elections free and fair in Uttar Pradesh!' Namita Bhandare added: 'Never understood why, instead of statues, Mayawati didn't set up dispensaries - with garlanded portraits of herself.' Suhel Seth jumped in with this comment: 'Mayawati orders sheets with her photos to cover her statues. Only caveat �let the handbag of the statues remain uncovered just in case.' And there was this from Faking News: 'Breaking News: Homeless people in UP to have Mayawati-shaped haircuts to get cover.'

For the princess
'30 years ago she was born an ordinary girl in Berkshire, England. Now she's the Duchess of Cambridge. Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton.' That tweet, from a certain Ms. Aldiano, was one of many wishing the new British royal a happy birthday. Charlotte Tomlinson tweeted: 'She has been alive for 30 years, but still looks younger than William and Pippa.' There was also this message from Belle: 'Thank you for giving the rest of us hope about finding fairy tale endings.'

Friends indeed?
How would you describe a 'best friend'? A number of people shared these among other descriptions: 'Someone who drives for three hours to take you to the airport so you can go to the Bahamas for 24 hours,' and 'someone who will see the pain in your eyes while others see the smile on your face.' There was also this: 'Someone who discovers your underground torture chamber, filled with girls begging for release, and keeps his mouth shut.'

The last word
From actor Rahul Khanna: 'I have yet to meet a doctor who enjoys some healthy counter-questioning with information I got via Google.'

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