Typically, shopping websites offer a mish-mash of products that could range from rip-offs of sari prints donned by Bollywood’s actors, ethnic jewellery and footwear, to mobile phones.

If you dig the Dark Knight, this one is for grabs

One such site is Mirraw.com. But amid the mangalsutras, netted sarees and tea sets, were spotted a cool find — comic-inspired wall clocks that we highly recommend. Our favourites from the ones on offer are the Batman series clocks. One where the Joker stares back at us, the Bat Signal and our favourite — Batman and Superman in mid-fight mode. Neat.

Other picks include the Hellboy clock, Disney-inspired clocks, as well as those sporting Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine. While on the site, also check out the wall decals that are on offer; the range includes some dreamy options such as clouds and flower blossoms.

Log on to: Mirraw.com
Cost: Rs 399