'The Expendables 3' postponed for 'Singham Returns'

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This might sound bizarre, but on probing it has emerged to be a true story. The Sylvester Stallone-starrer The Expendeables 3 was indeed postponed in the country by a week to avoid a clash with the Ajay Devgn-starrer Singham Returns.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

A rather large birdie who flits around Hollywood stars chirps to say that Stallone stated that he did not want to clash with the Indian Rambo.

Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn

Sly could not recall Ajay Devgn’s name, but kept referring to him as the actor who is his Indian version. Now hearing this Bajirao Singham has no reason to mouth, “Ata Maajhi Satakli.”

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