The fine art of paper quilling

Q. Where do you get the ideas for paper quilling? Which is your favourite work that you have done till now? Do you think that there’s a market for this form of art in the city?
A. I get the ideas from looking at different things in nature. I start with sketches of the things and then go for the paper quilling part of it. There is a good market for it, as now people want to gift it or keep it in their homes as showpieces. Even hotels use it for corporate gifting. My favourite work is a frame that I made of flowers.

A frame of flowers by Anuja Kulkarni
A frame of flowers by Anuja Kulkarni

Q. How important is it to select the right paper, and from where can one buy it in the city?
A. Selecting the right paper is very important. One must always go for thick paper as shapes made from thin paper change easily. You can also use eco-friendly paper. You can buy most of the materials either online or at stationary stores across the city. If you want to sell your work, the best way to do it, is to hold an exhibition, as here you can make direct contact with clients.

Anuja Kulkarni
Anuja Kulkarni

Q. What is the most difficult thing about paper quilling? Could you please share a few tips for those who want to take it up professionally?
A. I feel giving a good finishing touch to the work is one of the most difficult things about paper quilling. The next would be making similar shapes of things as maintaining uniformity is a big task in this. Every person has a unique way of doing it and the most important thing that one can do is follow their heart while making a paper quilling, it’s only then that it will turn out to be the best. In other words, I feel that when one is creating a work he/she should put something of his in the form.



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