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Whatsapp Logo, started by Walkeshwar’s ArtDesh Gallery, is a webstore that curates a wide range of paintings, sculptures and photographs for those who prefer buying art at a click

Walk into Walkeshwar’s ArtDesh Gallery to feast your eyes on a wooden school bag sculpture, beautifully painted landscapes of different cities as well as black-and-white photo prints of still life plants.

A screenshot of ArtKultr website
A screenshot of ArtKultr website

Titled Medley, this exhibition featuring works of artists like Chiru Chakravary, Dr Subodh Kerkar, Vrindavan Solanki, Somnath Hore, Gautam Patole, Ankit Patel, Tirthankar Biswas among many others is on view till June 15. For those who are pressed for time, and can’t make it to the exhibit, the gallery has launched an online web store, The portal features a variety of abstract, figurative and contemporary art works, photographs and sculptures, some of which are displayed at the exhibition.

School Bag sculpture by Rupali Madan, medium wood
School Bag sculpture by Rupali Madan, medium wood

Kushag Patel, founder of and owner of the gallery, says, “Research has found that viewers look at exhibited art for no longer than five seconds on average, suggesting that much of it remains incomprehensible to many.

An online platform offers a viewer the opportunity to view works at leisure and also allows them to return to the work they have seen at any future time. In that context, they are open to interact with the work more readily. We introduced the web store for viewers to be able to see the displays at anytime, and also order them online.”

The Boatman by Dr Subodh Kerkar
The Boatman by Dr Subodh Kerkar

Each artwork featured on the portal is supplemented with different anecdotes and an option for buyers to review the work, too. “The web store offers a wide range of works: be it affordable art or investment art. We curate artworks that we would like to see at our homes or offices, that which combine visual impact with depth of thought, invigorating collectors towards building sophisticated collections that reflect their own personality and passions,” says Patel.

When asked if tangibility is still an important criteria for art buyers, Patel believes, “For some, tangibility will remain an crucial, for others it won’t. We have taken care to represent the colours and texture of the artworks online as true to the original. But, we embrace both sides of the debate and therefore, have made works available to view through this exhibition, and will continue to do so with many future exhibitions planned also.” The gallery also has plans to launch a mobile app of the webstore along with a virtual gallery tour, each time it hosts an exhibition of the ArtKultr artworks.

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