Gods Robots is one of the first Asian bands to be a part of BitTorrent's Artist Spotlight programme that encourages musicians by uploading songs that fans can download for free from anywhere in the world

In many ways it's a long distance relationship that Shridevi Keshavan aka Taamara and Janaka Atugoda aka Janaka Selekta share. With Atugoda based in San Francisco and Keshavan in Mumbai, the band that formed two years ago while collaborating on a song for BBC Radio decided to form Gods Robots despite the fact that work would require coordination from across the world.

Shridevi Keshavan aka Taamara and Janaka Atugoda aka Janaka
Selekta of Gods Robots.

Working on a track involves numerous sessions over Skype, email and countless file transfers across time zones. "A lot of song ideas are developed while having regular conversations. Sometimes I have an instrumental that I'm working on, I send it over to Shri and she then develops it. Sometimes she gets an idea, writes it and I take it from there," says Atugoda. But the result is clearly being universally accepted. Keshavan's English and Hindi lyrics set to Atugoda's signature bass, breaks, and classical strings create a sound that's fresh, yet familiar.

Their single Stay that was also released with a video spurred a lot of dialogue about the band's unique style that goes beyond love songs and heartbreak. For the video, the band approached Los Angeles based production company, Blinking Peacock Inc, who worked together with Italian director Loris Lai and filmmaker Matthew Emery. The video received over 50,000 hits in a week, exclaims Atugoda.

"Our songs focus on our journey as a band and as individuals. The songs are stories with a global appeal that any person in any part of the world can relate to. It's a statement about what we believe in that reflects the responses we keep getting from our listeners," explains Keshavan.

It is perhaps for this reason that BitTorrent got in touch with the band for their Artist Spotlight Program to feature their EP Stormy Weather on the website. Fans can download nine songs including Jamuna, Stay and Shine. They can also check out Falling, a track for which the band collaborated with sarod player Alam Khan. They are currently working on another single with a video that is up for release in the coming month.

While the long distance musical courtship seems to work, Keshavan is happy to work together in the same continent as they did while on tour. "It's been exciting performing together. Our song Strange Old Song on the EP was written and recorded in Bengaluru while on tour.

It's always fantastic working together in one space, everything becomes easier and more fun. We are looking forward to touring Europe, States in the summer and India in winter," says Keshavan.

To listen to God's Robots, log on to: http://featuredcontent.utorrent.com/godsrobots/