The great Andheri takeaway challenge

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Taste: As Pizzaroma’s website informs that a third-generation pizza-making family from Rome is the fuel here, we were nothing short of excited about testing them out. We order a Verde (pesto sauce, peppers, garlic and red chilli) amongst their Specials along with a Pollo Rovente (spicy chicken, onion and peppers).


Both were hot on arrival. Verde (Rs 405) for a 10-inch is on the steeper side but a veritable ensemble of all the ingredients on a base that had air pockets inside. The taste came together well and our pesto-loving company gave it a thumbs up.

Pollo Rovente (Rs 405), same-sized, had a balanced composition of toppings, cheese and base while the chicken was moderately spicy as per the authentic tag. A tad disorienting, perhaps, for the Indian palate. For the authentic experience seekers, Pizzaroma is a pizzeria that Calls for a bite.

Packaging: The food arrived in pizza boxes with strips of corrugated cardboard exposed to insulate the edible disc.

Shanghai Village

Taste: Who doesn’t secretly dig Chinese food, especially the tadka marke variety! So, we were delighted when we struck gold with Shanghai Village, as part of this takeaway challenge. We ordered Chicken Lollipop (Rs 120), Veg Burnt Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 100) and Shanghai Chicken Gravy (Rs 200). Although rain played spoilsport, where we had to wait for the order longer than expected, our gastronomical cravings were fulfilled when we dug into the food.

Shanghai Chicken Gravy
Shanghai Chicken Gravy

While on one hand, the chicken lollipops were crispy from the outside and succulent from inside, with the right flavouring, on the other, the fried rice had a dash of garlic and made for a perfect accompaniment with the soft and tender, moderately-spiced chicken gravy. We must admit, the food was certainly worth the wait.

Veg Burnt Garlic Fried Rice
Veg Burnt Garlic Fried Rice

Packaging: All three items were packed differently. The gravy arrived in a reusable plastic box, to ensure a spill-free delivery ; the lollipops were wrapped in foil, which we feel could have been avoided. A box is a safer option while the rice was packed in the typical paper-silver foil box.

The Curry House

Taste: This cubbyhole is only wired for takeaways but battles out stiff competition from the ever mushrooming eating joints on JP Road. Purely Mughlai in menu, it offers numerous options for those on the run as well as for those who are looking out for a full-fledged meal. We ordered a Chicken Seekh Roll (Rs 100), Aloo Lasooni (Rs 100), Chicken Biryani (Rs 160), Butter Naan (Rs 25) and Dal Makhani (Rs 180).

Dal Makhani and Butter Naan
Dal Makhani and Butter Naan

The taste of most items is bang on while the Dal Makhani was the star. Chicken Sheekh Roll had succulent kebabs that were accompanied with mint chutney, diced tomatoes and thinly sliced onions. The Biryani though not authentic, had chicken coated in thick gravy that tasted above average. The Aloo Lasooni was the lone downer that could have been well-seasoned to avoid the damp syndrome. If ever hungry, buzz The House, we say.

Packaging: The food arrived in sturdy, sealed plastic boxes that ensured nothing spilled over. Though the items were placed in cardboard-aluminum containers, all elements were hot and in place.


Taste: One often doesn’t harbour too many expectations from a new place. But when a joint that has been around for a couple of years with claims of whipping sumptuous Bengali street food from its tiny kitchen, fails miserably in the taste department, it comes as a huge disappointment. For this challenge, we ordered for a Vegetarian Biryani (Rs 120) - we wished for a non-vegetarian one, but this was what was available when we placed our order, a Double Chicken Roll (Rs 135) and a portion of the Mutton Kebab (Rs125).

Mutton Kebab
Mutton Kebab

Ready to satiate our hunger, when we poked our forks into the kebabs, we were in for a rude shock. The salt was overbearing and the mutton was under-cooked. The biryani and the roll were no better; the rice was sans any flavour while the roll was too spicy. The final nail in the takeaway coffin was that our order arrived cold at our doorstep, almost as if it were kept for hours before being delivered to us.

Packaging: The Packaging was nothing out of the ordinary - silver-foiled disposable boxes.

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