The harder they fall

Oct 21, 2011, 07:23 IST | Lindsay Pereira

'The Lokpal Queen dethroned!' That tweet, from a certain Jeff Shawn, was representative of the tone adopted by many after a newspaper report cited irregularities in Team Anna member Kiran Bedi's airfare bills. Someone with the handle WoofWoof tweeted: 'I'm sure she will now deny what charges were accounted and what weren't, and then blame the UPA.'

Javeeth Ahamed came up with this: 'Just filling my monthly expense report. Thanks, Kiran Bedi, for reminding me. I almost forgot to inflate my fuel bills.' And, from Soumya Mukerji: 'So now you won't mind when the Brits call her Kiran Baddy.'

Traffic stopper
The opening of the long-awaited Bangalore Metro made it trending topic for a while. In Karthik R J's opinion, 'A normal Bangalore citizen would be the ideal person to inaugurate Namma Metro, as he is the one who has suffered most.' Sameer Mufti added: 'Hope it reaches the real hubs in Bangalore soon. Who travels to Byappanahalli anyway?' From KP Ganesh: 'Hope the metro makes the wishes of those labourers who toiled hard day and night constructing it come true. Give them a ride.' And an observation from Shrabonti Bagchi: 'Funniest part of the journey was media people shooting other journalists, because the second train was 90 percent media (sic).'

A list of dislikes
'Things we all hate' were also discussed, yielding mundane examples like 'sleeping with socks' and heavier ones like 'animals jailed for life for a fleeting moment of human interest'. Also, 'people bringing up past mistakes in a conversation' and 'people who tweet about the fun they're having while they're supposed to be having fun.'

The last word

From filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma: 'Just got to know that Ra.One is a sham. I am told it is a one-minute short film starring Rajinikanth, in which SRK did a two-and-a-half-hour guest appearance.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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