The harder they fall

Jun 13, 2012, 07:45 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s said India could become the first of the BRIC economies to lose its investment-grade status, sending the rupee on a downward slide. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur reacted with this comment: ‘India is too complex a nation for S&P to apply its simplistic analysis to. India as part of BRIC was as much hype as its fall from this ‘club’ is.’ Sanjay Jha added: ‘S&P rating is silly and pretentious. It gives unwarranted advice on political management; the work of a Harvard fresher with a hangover.’ Pallavi Ghosh had a question: ‘Wonder whether people are more concerned about downgrade by S&P ratings or who becomes President?’ And from Nitin Pai: ‘The reaction to S&P observations reminds me of this Kannada proverb: Only when it comes out of the conch do people consider it holy water.’

Their poverty line
The Bombay Parsi Punchayet revised the definition of a poor Parsi as one who earns up to Rs 90,000 a month, in order to be eligible for a subsidised community apartment. Naturally, everyone had an opinion. Ramesh Srivats tweeted: ‘If a Parsi earns Rs 100,000 a month, he has a lakh of amenities. If he earns Rs 90,000 a month, he has a lack of amenities. Poor Parsi.’ Abdulla Madumoole, on the other hand, said: ‘I congratulate the Parsi community for defining poverty at Rs 90,000 per month. It shows how developed it is. Well done.’

Things to do
What do girls love? That question was discussed in much detail, yielding these responses: ‘When a guy is just honest with them’ and ‘when you send them messages after they fall asleep, so they have something to wake up to.’

The last word
From actor Ranvir Shorey: ‘Fact is, if someone in power wants to harass you, there are enough laws to choose from, because most of them are inherited from colonial rule [sic].’

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