The healing power of animals

Mar 03, 2014, 09:40 IST | Soma Das

Healers come in many forms. Sometimes, it can even be in the form of a pet dog, a parrot or a wild pig. That’s the message that shines through the book, The Dog Who Healed A Family.

Packed with 19 real-life anecdotes, it highlights the difference that an animal can make in your life and how it can help you cope with emotions such as grief, loneliness and a background of abuse.

The stories also reflect the intelligence of animals and how they are just as sensitive, brave and understanding as humans. Through these heart-warming stories, the author Jo Courdiet focus on the people who have braved many hurdles to help shelter/ protect animals.

Some stories that stay with you are of the volunteers who form a delivery chain to ensure a puppy is safely delivered home across thousands of miles, the title story of the dog who helped emotionally disturbed foster kids to get a grip on life and the javelina (a form of wild pig) that is adopted by a family but snatched away due to animal protection laws.

The Dog Who Healed A Family, Jo Coudert, Harlequin, Rs 195. Available at leading bookstores.

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