The heart is a lonely hunter

The Marathi play, Tu Ani Mee, which premiers today, explores the theme of soul mates and whether love is, in fact, eternal

Director Diwakar Mohite's 135-minute play, Tu Ani Mee, explores the passage of time on a couple's relationship.

Through the deft use of light and sound, the actors transition between the past when they were in college and in love and the present when all they are left with are their memories of togetherness. "It is a common love story something that everyone can relate to," says Mohite, who has also written the play.

"If the girl's phone is busy and she cuts her boyfriend's call, this often leads to an argument, if not a fight," adds the director, who has incorporated experiences from his own and his friends' lives.

Girl meets boy
The girl and a boy meet each other in college and fall in love. But destiny has other plans and drives them apart. After many years they meet at the coffee shop that they used to frequent as lovers, which brings back old memories.

As they reminisce over their past, the characters move back and forth through time, switching from old to young and back. "The transitions were difficult at first, but we have been practicing continuously for a while now and are ready," says Naresh Kharade, who plays the male lead.

As the ex-lovers ready to leave, they come to a realisation. "Their hearts have been seeking each other all along. The play is an exploration of that longing."

The play has been produced by Anil Kadam, who has in the past produced plays on subjects including HIV/AIDS and the life of a social worker. He says, "Other than entertaining the audience, I want to send across a subtle message as well."

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