'The Lego movie' still number one at box office with USD 48 million

London: 'The Lego Movie' made under the production of Warner Bros. is still number one at the box office with 50-million-dollar earnings.

'The Lego movie'
'The Lego movie' 

'Lego Movie' co-financed and co-produced by Village Roadshow has beaten all other movies releasing at the same time at the box office that were vying Valentine's Day, Fox News reported.

The movie made under the umbrella of Warner Bros. took 13 million dollars on Friday and raked 60 million dollars during the long weekend.

The top ten movies this weekend are:

1. 'The Lego Movie' – 48,810,000 dollars
2. 'About Last Night' (2014) – 27,000,000 dollars
3. 'RoboCop' – 21,500,000 dollars
4. 'The Monuments Men' – 15,000,000 dollars
5. 'Endless Love' – 13,380,000 dollars
6. 'Ride Along' – 8,759,000 dollars
7. 'Winter's Tale' – 7,785,000 dollars
8. 'Frozen' – 5,855,000 dollars
9. 'Lone Survivor' – 4,076,000 dollars
10. 'That Awkward Moment' – 3,337,000 dollars

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