Sunil Gavaskar is one of the undisputed legends of cricket. When CS met him at an event, the cricketer was busy doling out tips to little kids. With the India- Australia series on in full swing, he shares some words of wisdom:

Keep your ears open
I think today's kids are smart and keen to learn. I get so surprised when they say that they have heard about me. When they say 'Sir, we aim to be like you one day' it amazes me even more, because they haven't seen me play. The one tip that I have for aspiring cricketers is to listen to their coach. He has your good at heart. When you're plagued with injuries in your career, the best person to go back to is your coach, since he has seen you when you were raw. When people tell me that the physical fitness level during my time was very high, I am flattered. It is about devising your own techniques and methods. If you don't learn the technical aspects of the game, it is useless.

Bat vs ball
Someone once asked me what is the best way to play for an opening batsmen. I said, "Close your eyes" and the best way to play a fast bowler is from the non-strikers end. On a serious note, even though boundaries are attractive, singles are the life and blood of the game. The key is to keep scoring off every ball.

Playing for a team
Nothing compares with the high of playing for your team, whether it is the national side, state side or your school team. I remember the 1983 win, I didn't contribute but just the atmosphere was electric.