The little patisserie on Breach Candy

Should I be intimidated by those eight to twelve-year-olds, making fresh pasta and baking four-tiered cakes, or should I be concerned about them having to cope with the pressures of reality TV?

Orange Pound Cake. Pic/ Bipin Kokate

It’s a conundrum, one that I’m not convinced will solve itself before season finalé. Times like these invariably drive me to seek an instant fix, a sugar-fix to be precise. Recently, while walking past Toujours on Breach Candy, I decided to walk in and attend to that niggling problem. The person behind the counter recommended that I try the Red Velvet cupcake, which is good and thankfully not cloyingly sweet. The real treat, however is the Orange Pound Cake, which I would wholeheartedly recommend that you try.

Like all good cakes, it’s moist, but the best part is the voluptuous orange sauce that gives the cake its true zing. Come on kids, time to get inside the kitchen. Mama must be served!

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