The lone crusader

Aug 28, 2012, 08:22 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Lindsay PereiraFormer Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal clogged timelines following his protests against Congress and BJP leaders. A certain Vinita Deshmukh tweeted: ‘Kejriwal’s tirade against corruption was a master strategy. Now I tend to agree with him on why the Congress and BJP should both be targeted.’ Not everyone agreed. Someone using the handle Bhaksala, for instance, had this to say: ‘Kejriwal is like English lecturers in engineering colleges. They never understand why they are paid less attention.’ There was also this comment from Rohan Kaul: ‘Kejriwal is absolutely spot on with the BJP. Has it been a credible and vociferous opposition? Absolutely not.’

Truly speaking
Also attracting attention was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, following reports of his making a statement on the coal block allocation issue in Parliament. Faking News tweeted: ‘Manmohan Singh should resign, change his name, and become PM again. Just like some of his parody accounts have done.’ Nakul Shenoy added: ‘People complain that our PM does not speak. And now, when he has diligently prepared a long speech, nobody wants to hear it.’ There was this comment from Ankit Jain: ‘Once in a lifetime paranormal activity expected today — Manmohan Singh to open his mouth in Parliament.’ And from Madhu Kishwar: ‘No prime minister in recent history came with more goodwill than Manmohan Singh. No one cast it away with such disdain as Manmohan Singh.’

Another day off
Both houses were adjourned again after chaos reigned supreme. This prompted Nikhil Wagle to tweet: ‘If the BJP don’t believe in the functioning of Parliament, why do they fight Parliamentary elections? They should also boycott the 2014 Lok Sabha elections!’ MP Derek O'Brien added: ‘The only thing working well in Parliament is the Wi-Fi network.’

The last word
From actor Anupam Kher: ‘The Marathon Man of Hindi Cinema reaches the final winning post. We will miss you Hangal Saab. RIP.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY OnlineĀ 

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