The lure of Tagore

We know him for his soulful melodies, but Gulzar wasn't always into music. In fact, he was more passionate about reading, that too, thrillers. He talks to CS about his favourite past-time:

Gulzar, lyricist

Lit hit
During my teenage years, I worked part-time in a shop that had a small rental library on the other side of the street. We could read as much as we wanted at a rent of 50 paisa a week. Back then, I was an avid reader and totally into action, thriller and murder mysteries.

I would finish one book in a night and end up reading some six to seven books a week. After a month or so, the library attendant gave me a Rabindranath Tagore book to read, which I had to take because it was the only book in the library left for me to read.

I read it once and was completely stumped by it. That was the first book I ever stole. Actually truth be told, I refused to part with it. Tagore had a profound impact on my life. And his literature even helped me impress my Bengali wife, Raakhee.

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