The next big thing?

A demo of Google’s Project Glass starring a group of skydivers outfitted with video-capturing spectacles impressed a whole lot of people around the world. Molly Wood, for instance, tweeted: ‘Google Glass is the start of a sea change in sharing and experience. The future is now. Forget dorky, think revolution.’ Tom Scott added: ‘I need to parody this new “skydiving while wearing Google Glass” thing. Anyone got a plane I can borrow?’ PCworld had this point to make: ‘This is a little scary, because it is literally pulling everything in your offline (real) life online — into Google’s domain.’ And from Mishaal Hamza: ‘Waiting for the release of a Chinese version of Google Glass. Imagine everyone wearing a pair of them in India at just Rs 999.’

Home at last
Indian prisoner Surjeet Singh was officially released from jail but, when he alighted from the prison van, was handcuffed to the belt of a Pakistani police officer. Our columnist Smita Prakash reported: ‘30 years in Pakistani prison didn’t prepare him for the crush of Indian media at Wagah. Overwhelmed, Surjeet turns away without speaking.’ Suryanarayan Ganesh added: ‘If Pakistan thinks releasing Surjeet Singh will help them get Qasab, think again. BJP is not in power to escort him to Wagah.’

A wishlist
What most women want — this was another topic of discussion that clogged timelines for a while, yielding these among other examples: ‘Fast food that can actually help to lose weight’, ‘a man who knows how to treat them right and proves that not every guy is the same’, ‘to be honoured like queens and protected like diamonds, not shown off like trophies’ and ‘a lot of money, so they can go shopping without limits.’

The last word
From cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle: ‘For all the drama over the men’s doubles, I believe the mixed doubles offers India greater hope, if any at all.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online(

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