Akshay Kumar was in Dubai recently for the shoot of his upcoming co-production with Himesh Reshammiya. The actor shot for a song. Incidentally the luxury car that the unit got for the shoot had 786 on the number plate which is also part of the film’s title.

Akshay Kumar

A source informs, “The film’s creative producer Rakesh Upadhaya had made all the arrangements for the shooting. He had booked the car from a local dealer and when the car came on the sets everyone was surprised as the number was 786!”

Adds the source, “Akshay was extremely thrilled and thought that it was a blessing in disguise for the film.” David Zennie from the US directed the song while the DOP Joseph Hindy is a Lebanese. It was shot in Margham, near Dubai and in Hatta, Oman. The song is choreographed by Piyush Panchal.