The poetry of life

Q. Tell us something about your book, Ashes off the Embers?
A. It is a collection of my poems written over a period of 20 years. I write poems whenever I feel like writing down something. I get ideas from everywhere, even from the counselling sessions that I do as psychotherapist. I was encouraged to compile the poems and came up with the book. Next, I'm planning to write short stories and also poems, as I feel that both offer a different way to express your feelings.

Dr Kinjal Goyal Author and psychotherapist
Dr Kinjal Goyal
Author and psychotherapist  

Q. Who is your favourite poet?
A. I like Ronnie McGrath's poems a lot.

Q. Does writing help you relieve stress?
A. Yes I'm sure that writing helps one unwind. It helps me in doing the same. Writing is not just about getting the rhythm right. It is also about enjoying what one writes. For feedback, there are always people who share their opinions on social media.

Ashes off the Embers
Ashes off the Embers, Dr Kinjal Goyal, Notion Press, Rs 295. Available at leading bookstores.

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