The real slim shady

Slash won't let you touch his axe but you can buy a miniature version and hit those high notes from this store in Pune. Elvis' sideburns on a lighter, ACDC on a mug and a 7-inch tall John Lennon are some of the limited edition finds

Vineet Sethi was 16 years old when he bought his first piece of music merchandise � a box set of Metallica action figures. "I've always been interested in music though I was never part of a band. I would pester my cousins to get me the music collectibles from the US and the UK because they weren't available in the country," says Sethi, a banker by profession and a metal-head by choice.

Rolling Stones

Two years ago, Sethi decided to go into business with Manu Singh who also quit his job at a bank to start Hysteria, a music merchandise store in Bengaluru to cater to music lovers. "We wanted to get out of the corporate rat race and music has always been a passion. We toyed with the idea of a karaoke bar but realised that the investment was too high," explains Sethi.

Have your favourite classic rock band Led Zeppelin wake you up with this
alarm clock available for Rs 1,099 and Miniature Slash guitar at Rs 799.

After setting up their first store at Churchgate in Bengaluru, excited fans and the inflow of requests kept Sethi busy. Their range includes lighters, t-shirts, hoodies, barware, caps, bags, figurines and art prints. They plan to move to Mumbai by the end of the year, though finding affordable space in the city is proving difficult.

"Don't buy cheap imitations of merchandise made in Thailand," says Sethi. Ninety-five per cent of our products are made in Australia, US, UK, Netherlands and Canada with proper copyright and licensing. It simply assures that the quality is controlled and your Iron Maiden t-shirt print will not fade after three washes," he says.

With the gods of Rock 'n' Roll looking down on them Hysteria managed to open their second outlet in Pune, early last month. It also deals with movie and gaming merchandise.

"Pune is cost-effective. College kids are more updated on music and gaming than anyone else. We try to keep our rates down and we also have a contract with graphic designers who create limited edition concert posters that are then sold as collectibles," he says. Limited edition posters are numbered and signed by the artist to ascertain authenticity.

Sethi also plans to introduce merchandise from Indian bands like Demonic Resurrection, Them Clones and local Bengaluru bands.

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