The return of the green-masked Odayan

Aug 25, 2014, 07:16 IST | Life and style,Culture

After a breathtaking first edition, Odayan in 2013, the green-masked mysterious vigilante is back with a new chapter, Odayan II — Yuddham. This time, there’s more violence and determination to upset the power balance in a feudal Kerala.

Odayan II — Yuddham. Suhas Sundar and Deepak Sharma, Pop Culture Publishing, Rs 200. Available at all leading bookstores

The comic book takes the story forward, with Odayan, the unabashed murderer of volume one, revealing its real purpose behind the killings, though half-heartedly. Why so? As you would discover later, in the story, behind every plot of Odayan, there’s another sinister one in the making. That Odayan would do anything to reach his goal, including killing his own followers.

In a surprise move, Odayan shows off the first glimpse of its secret army, as they bring destruction to the Zamorin’s army, only to bleed to be sacrificed later by their master. While all this unfolds, Unni, whose father Odayan killed in the first chapter, is training even harder to avenge his father’s death.

The two stories running parallel make for a great build-up for what we believe, would most likely be the biggest fight in the entire series. Unfortunately, unlike the first chapter, there’s more focus on fight scenes in Yuddham, which as the title suggests, was expected, but it sometimes kills the momentum. This apart, Yuddham is a must-have for those looking for an immersive comic experience.

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