After Agneepath's success, both Ram Gopal Varma and Vinod Bachchan want to cash in on Sanjay Dutt's star appeal and are competing to release their movies with the beefy actor

As Sanjay Dutt seems to have hit a high point with his role in the commercially successful Agneepath coming for much praise, two filmmakers who are currently working with the actor are trying to cash in on the opportunity.

Not just that, they are competing against each other. So while both films, the Vinod Bachchan-produced Zilla Ghaziabad and the Ram Gopal Varma-directed Department, are trying to outdo each other by making it to the theatres first, according to some sources, moles have also been planted in each other's production teams. In both the films, Dutt plays the role of a policeman.

According to the source, to cash in on Dutt's new found popularity Bachchan recently shot an item song with the actor. Not to be outdone, now even Varma is preparing to shoot an item song with him. And after Agneepath's success, both filmmakers are also rewriting Dutt's entry scenes.

The source said, "Both films want to hit theatres before the other to cash in on Dutt's new box-office standing. To his credit, Sanjay Dutt is giving equal attention and dates to both films. While for Zilla Ghaziabad, producer Vinod Bachchan shot an item song with Dutt. Now at the end of this month, Dutt will shoot an additional item song for Department."

The item song might have been shot but Zilla Ghaziabad creators apparently haven't been able to decide on a strong enough introductory scene for Dutt. Varma, on the other hand, has completely scrapped his earlier plan, after Agneepath's success.

According to a source, while Varma had initially written a scene where Dutt is introduced mouthing a few dialogues, now he will be seen in a fight sequence. The scene will be devised by well-known stunt co-ordinator Vijay, who has so far worked only in Tamil and Telugu films.

Confirming the news, Varma said, "After I saw the mind-blowing stunts in The Businessman (hit Telugu film), I offered Vijay the chance to do the introductory action scenes for Sanjay Dutt in Department. Vijay agreed and now we're doing a new introductory sequence for Dutt's character."

When contacted, Dutt said, "I don't know what plans the two filmmakers have for me. You'll have to ask them."