The secret to Maria Sharapova's relationship with Grigor Dimitrov

Russian tennis beauty’s Bulgarian boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov believes nothing says it better than roses

Designer wear or a customised piece of jewellery can take a backseat when it comes to Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova. Instead, roses seem to do the magic and keep her relationship with her Bulgarian boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov going.

Maria Sharapova. Pics/Getty Images
Maria Sharapova. Pics/Getty Images 

Dimitrov believes in saying it with flowers. To ring in Sharapova's 28th birthday (April 19) this year, the 24-year-old said that he sent her a huge bouquet of roses. "Her favourite (roses), mine as well. Sometimes I just go crazy and send her hundreds – 500 is the most I've ever sent at once," Dimitrov was quoted as saying by

The World No 11 has been in a relationship with Sharapova for three years and they are called the 'golden couple' of tennis. He has been asked often about how he mustered the courage to ask out Sharapova out on a date. He answered, "Everyone says that. I know when you see her you don't want to even talk to her but to me I knew there was something behind that. I emailed her out of the blue. I felt we always had this thing for each other.

Grigor Dimitrov
Grigor Dimitrov 

Email to the rescue
"We were both in China, me in Shanghai, her in Beijing. I sat down for lunch and saw her playing on television and emailed right away. We started talking a bit, then a month later when the season was over we saw each other and that became that," he said. Dimitrov brushes away the 'golden' epithet simply saying that Maria and he are like any other 'normal' couple. For him, unlike the world who may see her as the greatest competitor, Sharapova is 'just Maria.'

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