The Silent Auction Pop-Up

It's a hushed affair and that's what we find exciting. The Silent Auction Pop-Up is a secret auction where you can buy or bid on anything at any price you want. Once at the venue, you collect the bidding cards, buy whatever suits your budget and bid on the ones that don't. Every item at the auction can be bid upon.

A box from Brushes & Strokes
A box from Brushes & Strokes

If you're lucky, then all things cool and quirky that may have been out of the budget can be yours, provided you are the highest bidder for it.

A clutch from Rimayu

Some of the exhibitors participating are Brushes & Strokes, Happiness Caged, Zinia JC Art and Design, Down to Earth, Studio Pottery by Seema Tandon, Krafftwork, Rimayu Fancy Pants The Store, Paio Accessories, Madclozet,, Pitara, PreeTee and Flintstop.

Shoes from Paio Accessories
Shoes from Paio Accessories

There is a boyfriend daycare facility as well, where boys will be entertained with board games to play, while the girls shop.

A cage from Happiness Caged
A cage from Happiness Caged

On: May 16 and 17, 2 pm to 9 pm
At: Please Don't Tell (PDT), Kamla Mills, Lower Parel.
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