'The Time Is Now' has been shot in 14 countries over three years

Chulbuli Pandey

Independent filmmaker Vishal Hiraskar’s film 'The Time Is Now' has been shot in 14 countries over a period of three years.

Vishal Hiraskar
Vishal Hiraskar

It shows common people trapped in uncommon situations and how they turn out to be survivors. The film portrays people from the US, Kenya, UK, Israel and Palestine who have survived bombings, torture, close encounters with death and the loss of their near and dear ones.

They have survived extreme crises and the only thing they had was their inner power and faith. The film also has views of war psychologists, spiritual leaders and missionaries. The message conveyed in this film is that no matter how critical the situation of this world may be, but still there is hope.

Winner of four festival awards, including Best Inspirational Film in Los Angeles, The Time is Now, is the collected work of Hiraskar and two of his brothers. The siblings travelled from India to the various countries to capture real-life stories of ordinary people.

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