On the hot seat today is Shyam Bhatia, an architect by qualification and profession and an art director as well as an architect by profession, who is creating revolutionary designs for reality shows like Biggboss, Dance India Dance and Indian idol on Indian television. He is one of the few in the industry who are successfully juggling two professions - architecture and set designing. CS quizzed Shyam on the similarities and differences in the two professions and what has stopped him from giving up on one of them. Here's what he said:

My inspiration for set designing
I like the pace of set designing as its fast and challenging. One has to conceptualise as well as create designs and execute them within weeks.

My first set design
My first set design was for Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and I am really grateful to Deepak Dhar. Currently I am working on the second season of the show and I am really looking forward to it.

Similarities and differences
Both architecture and set designing are about giving form to space. However, the difference between the two is that you have to be conscious that the work of an architect is viewed through the naked eye while set designs are viewed through the eye of a camera. Another huge difference is that sets are created for a limited period of time while architectural structures are created on a permanent basis.

The juggling act
As a creative individual, I get a thought and an idea every minute. Set designing allows me to explore it and keeps giving me opportunities every few months to bring my ideas into reality. Architecture takes its execution time but allows me to create a masterpiece for my client. Ultimately, I get to fulfill my client's dreams and create a unique piece. Both the professions give me a different kind of satisfaction and so I don't think its fair to choose one over the other since I love pursuing both.

Words of experience
If you enjoy designing, get into either of the two professions. Patience will allow you to enjoy architecture while a need to rush through will help relish set designing.